Our neighbors did another fantastic job decorating this past holiday season!  Winners are asked to return the signs.  List of winners below…

Virginia Cavin 7347 Manderley Dr.

Vilmar and Renata Zenzen 207 Brechin Ln

Timothy and Anne Craig 6818 Haverhill Dr.

Jeffrey and Debra Vowell 7404 Sheffield Dr.

Burl and Ruth Widener 8124 Ainsworth Rd.

Barbara Ridley 8327 Chadwick Rd.

Armand and Justin Chester 8121 Ainsworth Rd.

Jim and Fannie Kotsianas 909 Bathhurst Rd.

The Youngs 7363 Manderly Dr.

The Stryszkos 716 Marlboro Dr.

The Hughes 801 Carrington Rd.

The Crowleys 817 Kempton Rd.

The Adams 924 Marlboro Dr.

Rebecca Herndon 7021 Downing Dr.

J Daugherty 8201 Chesterfield Rd.

7400 Westridge Dr Barton Weaver and James Landreth