June, 2019

The West Hills Homeowners Association, along with a group of volunteers, has requested consideration as a Dogwood Trail for several years. At the time of the original request, the Dogwood Arts Festival organization did not have a process for evaluation of such requests. They have now created a path for those interested to be considered. This first includes an evaluation process taking into consideration a list of guidelines including an abundance of flowering dogwoods and spring shrubs, the historical and/or architectural character of the neighborhood and interest of the residents to support Dogwood Arts Trails & Gardens Program.

The DAF team has spent a good deal of time in our neighborhood last summer and this spring to guage compliance with their program guidelines. A proposed route has been shared with us and now it’s time to determine the interests of all the residents who would be included in the trail route. See map below. Their program requires approval of more than 80% of residents along the route be in favor of the trail for further consideration.

For those along the proposed route, please complete the attached card and return it to WHCA/DAF Trail Committee Chair Emily DeJarnett, 6903 Sheffield Drive, Knoxville, TN 37909. You may also email Emily with your response. Her email is emily.dejarnett@morganstanley.com.

The DAF has grown in popularity and recognition as one of the premier spring festivals and celebrations in the nation. It attracts visitors from around the southeast and the whole nation every April because Knoxville has become known for its natural beauty especially with the abundance of dogwoods, azaleas, and other springtime blossoms. As we all know and appreciate, West Hills is blessed with countless numbers of mature dogwoods, well-maintained yards, and gorgeous gardens. And now the efforts of so many of our neighbors and the foresight of original owners and those throughout the 60-plus years of West Hills history is being recognized by the Dogwood Arts as they consider adding a new trail for the first time in almost 20 years. We believe it would be an honor to be one of Knoxville’s Dogwood trails and appreciate all the volunteers who are working on this effort, thanks for making West Hills such a beautiful neighborhood!

—West Hills Community Association Dogwood Arts Festival Trail Committee