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Good morning (8/31/23)

Hate to start your day with bad news, but received the email below from Andrew Roberto to alert us that at next week’s City Council meeting (Sept 5) they will be entertaining possible changes to the existing Zoning codes. This comes on the heels of the radical changes made under ReCode that many still are unaware of the changes that threaten the integrity of West Hills and all single-family residential neighborhoods across Knoxville.
As you will read, whoever dreamed these changes up has no appreciation for existing neighborhoods or property owners. Their proposed changes are a real danger to the future of home ownership in both WH and Knoxville.
I will forward the detailed agenda when it is published later today;
I urge you to read Andrew’s email, research as much as you can about this proposal, inform your friends and neighbors, and express your concerns with City Council and the candidates for the November City elections.

I will be attending the CC meeting and welcome you to join me there.



I wanted to reach out and let you know that there will be several zoning items of interest to neighborhoods considered by City Council on Tuesday, September 5th. The detailed agenda will be published tomorrow and I recommend you review items 10a, 10b, 10c, and item 12b. 
Item 12b removes the owner occupancy requirement for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) or the main structure where an ADU is located. This is a significant change from the compromise reached during the public vetting of Recode. I am concerned that the removal of this provision will make residential neighborhoods more attractive investments for out of area investors as it will essentially double the number of available rentals at one location. This unintended consequence will be most pronounced in our most affordable neighborhoods. I am concerned that more out of area and absentee investment property within neighborhoods will further reduce the opportunities for our neighbors to become home owners. Further, this change could ultimately exacerbate the lack of affordability as our housing stock becomes further decreased by well-financed absentee investors. We absolutely need more housing to bring demand in line with supply, but the solution is mixed use development along our corridors where infrastructure can support that growth. This proposed solution doesn’t move the needle on increasing housing availability but I am concerned could very well result in significant negative unintended consequences.
Items 10a-10c propose to add:
  • A new definition:  Dwelling—detached multi-family “a collection of detached sf and two-family structures on the same lot.”
    • Removes ADU [auxillary dwelling unit, i.e., separate living quarter including freestanding bldg] special use in RN1 and RN2 [WH zoning].  
  • Adds detached multi-family as a use by right to RN-3 through RN-6. 
  • Revises lot coverage and setbacks and height for all residential uses—not just for ADUs. 
  • Changes setbacks or remove setbacks in CN district, including corner and rear next to residential property. 
  • Reduces off-street parking requirements in residential and commercial zones. 
When the detailed Council agenda comes out tomorrow, I would appreciate it if you would let me know about any concerns you and the WHCA have with these proposals.
Thank you,


Andrew Roberto


Knoxville City Council, Second District

UPDATE: Stockton Development Aug.11th-

Attorney for developers withdrew the applications to develop the property.  He said there were too many issues [including West Hills neighbors] and decided it was not worth pursuing.  Yay West Hills and all the neighbors and WHCA volunteers!  Our voices made the difference once again.  This issue is over for now.  This will not be the last developer who looks at West Hills property as a financial opportunity.  Where we see our homes, developers see dollars.  Always remain vigilant.  Please share the good news!

Lee Hume

WHCA President

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